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Darlington Acupuncture and Massage Therapy

Sleep and Anxiety issues related to the Chakras

It seems their is a growing issue with sleep disorders and anxiety in our society. In this article I'm going to share some of my most recent work with regards to how we may help address these issues. I have been superficially aware of the Human Chakras for many years but until now haven't understood them or figured out a way to work in a healing way with them. Chakras are energy centers in and around the body. We have 7 main Chakras. It appears that these energy centers allow us to utilize light/life force energy to maintain life. All life forms have energy centers to utilize light/life force energy. Life is a mystery but its becoming a little more clear, light is required to initiate life and light is required to maintain life. We are constantly feeding off energy esp. light (visible and non visible). One can look at it as energetic food for our bodies. It has become clear to me that light force energy enters the body through the crown and the root Chakras. This energy travels through the body and exits both front and back in a continuous flow from Chakra 2-6. The skill of dowsing allows me to determine this as I pick up the fields at each Chakra and determine the direction of spin. Think of a vortex , a whirlpool within a stream. What I have determined is that most people have at least one Chakra that is not spinning therefor stagnant or worse yet is spinning in the wrong direction. When the Chakra spins the wrong way it is usually associated with EMF exposure, us. short lived and us. associated with strong anxiety. If you research Chakras online you may read that physical/emotional trauma is a cause of Chakra Stagnation and I would tend to agree. To that I have determined that it is very possible and quite likely that exposure to fields from our cell phones and other technology could do the same. Hence why sleep disorders and anxiety are a growing concern. Using dowsing techniques one can detect the fields coming off the man made cellular devices and they will be in  opposition to the Chakras as they try to move the light force energy out from 2-6. Once we determine the Chakras that need assistance we use the actuators to get the energy moving once again and make sure the field is spinning in the correct counterclockwise direction. The actuators are specially made and tested by myself. They have the ability to manipulate light force energy similar to what we can do. They pull in the Light/Life force from the base and then project it out the top. They are made using three key components, components that are found within most if not all life forms; carbon, metals, and silicone dioxide in the form of quartz crystal. Once the chakras in question are determined we carefully place the actuators front and back ,one chakra at a time . This will quickly pull the stagnation out and allow the chakra to spin as it should. We are seeing marked improvements in sleep quality esp when the individual is trained to do self treatments prior to going to bed. We are also seeing a reduction in anxiety esp. related to exposure to EMFs and again the individual or a person in their family can treat once trained by myself. I recommend three visits with myself to assess the Chakras, determine the pattern of stagnation and treat. Once the three sessions are over I suggest the individual purchase a set of actuators and start daily home treatments and then bi weekly assessment/treatments with me. Chakra treatments are not within the scope of an RMT so not covered under insurance for Massage Therapy. Cost is $50  per treatment and $120 for the actuators. Steve Darlington