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How to Regain Wellness

Organ Body Connection

You're Only as Healthy as Your Organs

At some point we need to talk about the Visceral-Somatic connection. Visceral meaning the organs and Soma referring to the body and when I say body I'm referring primarily to the aspects of the body that we are in conscious communication with (skin,muscle,tendons,ligaments and bone). When studying Traditional Chinese Medicine, you soon realize that the internal organs are responsible for the well being of the individual both mentally and physically. Each organ has a Meridian AKA an energy pathway that eventually runs along the surface of the body. It's this energy circulation that influences the blood circulation. The nutrients required for healthy tissues circulate in our blood. The Qi has a magnetic influence helping the blood circulate. When you appreciate this influence you can then and only then fully understand how the blood is able to circulate. Modern science doesn't tend to appreciate this aspect and therefore indicates that the circulatory system is somewhat of an unsolved mystery. Each organ has key acupuncture points related to it and when the organ is stressed the points become tender. The organs are deficient in sensory fibers compared to the skin which is why mild to moderate organ stress often doesn't get registered by the conscious mind. The organs use their acupuncture points to communicate stress. When the points become tender usually the energy flow is diminished and therefore the blood circulation is diminished. This leads to early degeneration or delayed healing from injury at the site of the acupuncture point.

The organs also have target tissues they are responsible for. For example, the kidneys are responsible for the bones. One who has a long standing kidney weakness would be more susceptible to osteoporosis. The early observers also noticed that an emotion was linked to each organ. If we use the kidney again as an example, the emotions would be anxiety and fear so if we were to nurture the kidneys then those feelings would not be so close to the surface and the bones wouldn’t be as susceptible. The kidneys being a filter are prone to residual buildup and response well to herbal cleansing. With awareness we can start to nurture the kidneys. Making careful choices in what we eat and drink. Consider cleansing on regular basis, usually once a year.

In North America people are not use to talking with their practitioner about possible organ weakness and so often feel nervous and concerned that they may have a serious issue with an organ. The typical allopathic practitioner does not make mention of organ weakness unless the patient has a serious issue that is showing on the blood work reports. An Ayurveda or Acupuncture practitioner are trained to pick up on all levels of organ weakness including subtle weakness and are constantly talking about the organs. Most of the time its talk about energetic imbalances that do not necessarily go hand in hand with physical tissue weakness. Consider this a form of early warning so you can make the required changes to help avoid severe weaknesses. We are only as healthy as our organs and getting in touch with this aspect of our health is a very good way to slow down the aging process and minimize aches and pains.