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Darlington Acupuncture and Massage Therapy

The Wellness Journey


When we are young we tend to be resilient. We have lots of reserve energy and recover quickly from illness. As we age we tend to have less reserves and are more sensitive to  stress in our environment. When the amount of stress exceed the amount of mind/body energy problems arise. Our immune system is usually one of the first thing that starts to weaken.In this section of the website I'm going to write articles that I hope will encourage you to start a journey towards optimum wellness. I will share my personal experiences and cover what I believe are some very important issues that need to be addressed. I intend to cover what I believe to be the fundamentals of wellness. I want to encourage people to be responsible and take more of an active role in their health. Learn to love yourself and respect the phyical body that we have been blessed with. Life is a course of the highest degree and it requires continuous study to live it to its fullest.In each article I will bring forth a subject matter that I feel warrants attention and I then suggest you research it on your own. If the subject matter resonates with you let me know and we can look at it together.  Enjoy the articles.