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Darlington Acupuncture and Massage Therapy

The Body Knows Best!

In 1997 I was presented with the possibility that we all have an internal body mind which is separate from the conscious mind and that we can tap into it for information. Lets face it their are thousands of functions going on within us at a cellular/molecular level. Their is no doubt  that this is being orchestrated by an intelligence. We are in a delicate balance  and systems need to be in check to maintain wellness. I termed this intelligence the body mind or the cellular intelligence. This subconscious mind is also able to detect frequencies which is truly amazing. When an item is placed upon the body within the auric field the body mind is very curious and scans the item ,picks up the frequency of the item and determines if it is of value. This can all be detected using  dowsing techniques and in my case using a Cameron Aurameter. In 1997 I was dealing with a neurological issue.  I had acquired this issue from a visit to Sri Lanka to study Acupuncture in 1995. My symptoms included; balance issues, bruised feeling in the head, lack of sensation in my arms and upper trapezius tension. EEG showed nothing and it wasn't until I met a fellow named Ron P.  and he tested me with the aurameter for anti parasitic herbs that I was able to get any relief. After this experience I knew I had to promote parasitic cleansing and learn to use this valuable tool. Once I mastered the tool I was then able to detect the aura and changes in the auric field. The aura is a field of energy around all living things. In my mind I compare it to an electromagnetic field . All electrical flow(current) gives off an EMF and the body does produce very low levels of DC current. The testing goes like this; the person stands against the wall so as not to move and we approach the body with the aurameter to detect the field and at what distance it is. (us. 1.5-3") Then we ask the person to hold the item in question against there body at the chest level and we approach again. If the body mind determines the item is of value you will gain a strength by just holding it and the A. field will come further out form the body. If the person holds an item and the field does not get larger then we suggest that item is not indicated . Using this technique we are able to learn a huge amount of information. The body mind tells me and the patient what to do. Two heads are better than one and three is even better! We can answer questions within a short period of time like;

1. Do I need to cleanse my Kidneys

2. Do I need to eliminate Parasites and or Candida Albicans

3. Do I need this particular supplement.

This technique has been life changing for me and hundreds of patients. So the body really does know best and we can prove it!

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