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Darlington Acupuncture and Massage Therapy


Drainage by Systems

Drainage by Systems

               Drainage promotes the removal of accumulated toxins from within organs and cells. It alleviates the hindering blockages that occur due to inflammation or overburdening. This concept is designated to work on a physiological or “terrain” level, to stimulate the body's purification processes. Regulating the terrain leads to greater disease resistance, better immunity, the proper functioning organs, and improved physiological regulation. An efficient way of building and maintaining normal terrain is through the release of exogenous and endogenous toxins, which can be facilitated through drainage. There are several key passageways, known as emunctories that allow for elimination. Depending on the disease state or symptomatic picture, it may be necessary to work on multiple systemic groups at a time. The end result is the improvement of organ function, energy levels, metabolic functions, as well as promotion of an anabolic state, thus delaying the aging state of the body. (Bio Lonreco Inc. 2014)

General Drainage for Optimum Health

The following Bio Loncreco products form a possible remedy combination for a general drainage scenario for optimal health:

  • R 7 + R 18 + R 60 (10 drops each, 3 times)