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Darlington Acupuncture and Massage Therapy

EMF Cleansing

Electromagnetic Fields are a potential stress that can definitely effect ones health. Most people have heard that its suppose to be unhealthy to live close to high tension power lines. When electricity travels through a wire an invisible electromagnetic field (EMF) is produced. The more current the stronger the field. High tension power lines can produce very strong fields. However even the fields within our house can be harmful. You see the body is electric in itself. Many of our body systems function in regards to sublte electromagnetic fields and changes in polarity. We produce DC current within our bodies in very low levels . With all the convenients of modern technology their comes an equal negative aspect.  Man made EMF's tend to be stressful. Our body's are not use to many of the fields as they are either too strong or of a frequency not commonly experienced within the body. Most of the frequencies naturally occuring in our body are below 30HZ (30 times per second). Basically any frequency that we are exposed to that is not  found within the body is potentially stressful.  The wiring coming into our homes is 60 hz an so is a potential stress. Now add all the technology and wireless devices we use on a daily basis . These frequencies are generally very high and also not found within the body and so are stressful. There are many devices on the market to help reduce the EMF stress within the home. Some items can be attached to the back of your cell phone to have a buffering effect on the EMF. Over the last 10 years I have been working with a gentleman named Peter Webb who has come up with his own method of dealing with harmful EMF's. Peter's technology targets the fields and attracts them into the units we call EMF balancers.The balancers have a bentonite powder within them that has a drawing/attractive property . The units pull the fields into them through the top and the bottom. The units also contain vitamins,minerals, crystals and amino acids. All of which can be found within the body . We even have small amounts of crystals within the body. The fields come into the units and pick up these friendly frequencies before they exit. The end result is that the environment is closer to a balanced field , a field that has positive frequencies to buffer the negative,harmful ones. Another very interesting aspect to the work we do when dealing with harmful EMF's has to do with geomagnetic lines. Geomagnetic lines are aspects of the earths magnetic field. These invisible lines will run right through a person's home. They have the ability to carry frequencies distance. They have a direction of flow. If your T.V and your couch both lie on the same line and the direction is towards the couch from the T.V  all the while you sit watching your been bombarded by man made frequencies.When we visit a home we use a Guass meter to measure field strength from items such as the microwave ,digital displays and cellphones. The meter shows that the strength dimishes the further you are from the source. However this is only one aspect of EMF's. The other has to do with frequencies being able to travel distance and the meter does not show us that aspect of the EMF's. We  dowse using  'L ' rods to identfy where the geomagmetic lines are and their direction of flow. Once the two balancers are placed in the home the Geomagnetic lines are not detectable. These concentrations of energy are pulled into the balancers and sent out dispersed to they are no longer able to carry frequencies.  The most common response we get after the units are placed in the home is that the atmosphere feels calmer,lighter and more peaceful. Also people often sleep better. The cost to balance the home is $350 . For more information on this subject we recommend you research the book ' Cross Currents' by Robert O Becker. Thank you.