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Darlington Acupuncture and Massage Therapy

Iridology Assessment



Iridology is an assessment tool that can relay additional information that the patient may not be aware of. Using a pen light and a magnifying glass we look at the iris (colour portion) of the eye. The iris is made up of thousands of fibers that radiate from the pupil out to the sclera (whites) of the eye. The iris is mapped out like a pie graph with each organ/tissue having a segment within the pie graph.In a perfect eye the fibers would be straight and tightly packed together. When the fibers spread apart they reveal a deeper, darker area of the eye which is termed a lesion in iridology. This indicates a weakness of a particular area of the body depending on where it appears in the iris. Iridology does not diagnose disease and in fact relays very little information related to sight. The sclera is also mapped out and when looking at this we look for thick red lines which indicate a stressed area ,too much energy being used at this particular moment in this particular area of the body. The assessment doesn’t stop here I also do Chinese tongue / pulse diagnosis and palpation of the Back Shu points (alarm points). These points lie on whats known as the Bladder merdian and each organ has an alarm point. If the organ is stressed or weak the point will likely become tender. The objective is to gather information primary related to organ weakness. Its important to mention that most of the weaknesses identified are so minor that they would not show up on blood work through the medical system. However even the slightest of weakness have be associated with symptoms including pain. Once all this is done I have a good idea of what herbal,homeopathic,vitamin or mineral supplemnets would likely test positive and be beneficial. The best is part of the 1.5hr visit it at the end when I use an aurameter to test for the supplements. Humans have what I call a cellular intelligence. I have also heard it referred to as the body mind. When you place something on the body within the aura the body is very curious and scans the item picking up on its frequency. It knows if it is going to be beneficial and the aura will increase in field strength. I will be able to detect it at a further distance from the body compared to the initial test without the supplement. This technique helps us be more specific with regards to the treatment plan.