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Darlington Acupuncture and Massage Therapy

Live Blood Cell Microscopy

Ted Aloisios comes to our Clinic

Ted Aloisio is returning to our clinic Oct 17 9am-5pm

please call to book your space limited space available


Certified Nutritional Microscopist
Electro Dermal Technician

Ted Aloisio has been in the health industry for over a decade. He is certified in nutritional micros-copy and electrodermal testing. He has authored three books, Blood Never Lies, Blood Never Lies 2, and Quad 3: The No-Rules Way to Optimal Health and Weight. He is the Director of Veritas Health Institute.





Live Blood analysis $35-65
Brief 10minutes session discussing one or two features of the blood $35

More involved 15-20 minute session with a report $65

A few of the things that are often identified are ; parasites,candida,mineral defficiency, poor digestion(liver function)

Food Sensitivity work up (over 300 foods) $125

foods that we eat can lead to unpleasant symptoms including  inflamation in the body if we are sensitive to them.



Creates up to 40 indi-vidual reports by scanning the bodies energy pathways.

Liver Function
Kidney Function
Blood Sugar
Immune system
Vitamins Minerals Amino Acids Trace Minerals Fatty Acids Collagen And many more
The Bio-Assess is not a medical device. It does not treat, cure, prevent or prescribe. It is a non-medical procedure designed to educate. By improving the health environ-ment of the body, the body’s own healing mechanisms are activated.
Symptoms can be unreliable. The knee may hurt because of a foot problem. The knee may hurt because of a back problem. The knee may also hurt because of a knee problem.
Bio-Assess technology goes beyond symptoms to accurately assess the physical condition of the body.
Disturbances in the body can alter the internal environment. Long term internal imbalance can lead to stress to the body as well as individual systems and organs. The Bio-Assess proce-dure detects these imbalances.
This technology was originally developed by the German phy-sician Dr. Franz Morell and electronics engineer Mr. Erich Ra-sche in 1977., The technology has been improved and refined over the years. The Bio-Assess is the latest and most accurate version and exclusively licensed to Veritas Health.