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What's in a name?

Food Allergy

Only IgE reactions are considered true food allergies. A typical IgE reaction results in hives shortly after food is eaten.

Food Sensitivity

Usually refers to IgG delayed hypersensitivity reactions. But, also sometimes refer to non-immune food reactions like enzyme deficiencies. Food sensitivities are           difficult to pinpoint because they develop over days and weeks after the food is eaten.

Food Intolerance

Usually refers to non-immune reactions like an enzyme deficiency (i.e. lactose intolerance). Sometimes used to refer to IgG delayed hypersensitivity reactions or other immune reactions to food.

Is food sensitivity a real condition?

Our understanding of food sensitivity is evolving. In fact, just last year an international committee of experts agreed that gluten sensitivity is a diagnosis - separate from wheat allergy and celiac disease. And, one of the diagnostic criteria for gluten sensitivity is elevated IgG and IgA antibiotics to a gluten protein called gliadin (found in wheat).

Is food sensitivity testing a 'waste of money' like CMAJ article said?

The CMAJ article refers in part to studies that compare food allergy tests to the results from food sensitivity tests. And, because these are testing for very different things, the results were understandably different. If you have symptoms and you want to know if food sensitivity is contributing to them, it might make sense. It's important to discuss with a knowledgeable health care professional like your naturopathic doctor. Food sensitivity testing isn't right in every circumstance, and the results must be considered along with your symptoms. Sometimes your symptoms don't mean what you think they mean, and your naturopathic doctor can help you figure out what's important.

How do i know this food sensitivity test is reliable?

Rocky Mountain Analytical is an accredited medical laboratory, which means the College of Physicians and Surgeons oversees the work we do and makes sure we do it right. We also refer certain tests to other laboratories, and ensure that they too adhere to accreditation standards.